“Fun In The Sun!”

THE 56th Annual Junior Daffodil Parade
where the fun continues…
April 22nd, 2017


Please keep this page for your information. Your entry position number and further details about the parade and flower pick-up will be sent to you the week of April 10th.

Parade Theme: “Daffodil Paradise!”

Parade requirements:

  1. All groups must include children but all ages are welcome to participate.
  2. Each entry must be responsible for punctuality and transportation to and from the parade.
  3. Insurance:
    The Proctor District Association and the Junior Daffodil Parade and parade sponsors assume no liability in participation of the event. Evidence of insurance for both bodily injury and property damage liability is required.

    Please attach a scan of your insurance certificate when registering or mail it to us at:
    Parade Registrar
    3221 N 29th St.

    Tacoma, WA 98407

  4. All floats must be non-motorized.
  • Please, Do NOT hand out candy or distribute souvenirs to the audience- it is an insurance mandate we must follow.
  • To prevent gaps in the parade, please keep your group moving forward at all times.
  • Provide adult supervision.
  • Pet entries are welcome – You MUST provide your own clean-up.

Daffodils must be used in some way for each entry. A designated number of daffodils is included in your registration fee, based on the size of your group, but more can be purchased by calling our Registrar at 253-759-0725.
A registration form and fee must be received in order to participate in the parade. The registration deadline is April 3rd and registration will be closed thereafter.
Daffodil pick up is scheduled for Friday, April 21st. Location and time will be listed on your confirmation packet.

Entries will be positioned in the parade to best suit the flow of the parade.

The parade is held RAIN or SHINE.

Line-up begins at 9:00 A.M. Sign-in will be held in Mason United Methodist Church, located at 2710 North Madison Street.

A map and directions to the Proctor District will be provided when you receive your entry number.