Junior Daffodil Parade Broadcast Viewing

TV Tacoma
TV Tacoma is carried on both the Click! and Comcast Cable systems.

On Click! TV Tacoma is now available in High Definition on Channel 512 or in Standard Definition on Channel 12 within the Tacoma City limits and in Pierce County. In the City of University Place our Standard Definition Channel is 21.

On Comcast, TV Tacoma can be seen in High Definition on Channel 321 in Tacoma and Pierce County. Our Standard Definition Channel is 12 within the Tacoma City limits and Channel 21 in Pierce County. TV Tacoma is Not available on the Comcast system in University Place.

The program is also available as a Video On Demand selection by going to www.tvtacoma.com and clicking on “SPECIAL PRESENTATIONS”

To view last year’s presentation, please follow this link, 2016 Junior Daffodil Parade

2017 Junior Daffodil Parade Replay Times

Monday, April 24 – 8pm
Tuesday, April 25 – 4am & 11pm
Wednesday, April 26 – 9am & 8pm
Thursday, April 27 – 1pm & 9pm
Friday, April 28 – 2pm & 10pm
Saturday, April 29 – 8am & 6pm
Sunday, April 30 – 1am, 3pm, & 8pm

TV Tacoma – Cityline


In 2015, committee members Gary Grindley and Tim Church were interviewed by Amanda Westbrooke for Cityline.
Click here to watch the episode and learn more about the Junior Daffodil Parade.